Dibujos kawaii para dibujar

12 cute drawings to draw when bored

Got some free time and feeling bored? Try drawing some of these cute kawaii characters. They’re very easy to draw, and it’s impossible not to smile while you do it.

Drawing is relaxing and fun, an easy way to disconnect from the noise and dive into your inner world. Don’t overthink it, grab any materials you have on hand—pen, pencil, marker… and start drawing!

1. Food That Matches

Cute drawings to draw - food always together

There’s food that always goes together: churros with chocolate, cookies and milk, pizza and cheese, etc. Draw them as if they were friends holding hands. Aren’t they cute?

2. Ghost with Teddy

Cute drawings to draw - ghost with teddy

A kawaii trick that makes characters adorable is combining two opposite elements. A ghost isn’t supposed to be scary? Well, this ghost tenderly hugs its teddy bear that helps it sleep at night.

3. Hug

Cute drawings to draw - hug

This drawing is very easy to do, take a close look. Start by making a short vertical line, then draw an S (it will be the arms!), and then another vertical line slightly longer. Draw a shape like the belly of an R to the right, and another identical shape reflected on the other side. You’re done! Just add faces to have these two giving a big hug.

4. Robot

Cute drawings to draw - robot

Big, small, square, or round. Drawing robots is very simple because you don’t have to worry about realistic hands, feet, or bodies. A few quick rectangles and you have a new friend. To make it kawaii, remember to give it a big head and a small body.

5. Bee

Cute drawings to draw - bee

Drawing a bee is as simple as making an oval and filling it with black stripes. You can complete the drawing with more bees and a meadow full of flowers.

6. A Flower for You

Cute drawings to draw - a flower for you

This is a very simple drawing that’s great for gifting. If you haven’t had time to buy a flower, you can always draw one.

7. Cat in a Cup

Cute drawings to draw - cat in a cup

Cats are always cute. But if you place them in a container where a cat isn’t supposed to fit, they become IRRESISTIBLY adorable.

8. Dinosaur Egg

Cute drawings to draw - dinosaur egg

Dinosaurs are big and terrifying, but freshly hatched from the egg, they can be drawn chubby and adorable. Kids love this drawing, try it at any kids’ gathering, and you’ll be a hit.

9. Stormy Cloud

Cute drawings to draw - stormy cloud

Not all kawaii characters have to be happy. This cloud is having a tantrum, and it’s still very cute. Why is it so angry?

10. Mushroom

Cute drawings to draw - mushroom

One of the most common kawaii techniques is to put a face on things that shouldn’t have one, giving them life. Like this mushroom that instantly becomes a magical forest inhabitant.

11. Ball Animals

Cute drawings to draw - ball animals

Drawing animals can be as easy as making circles and then adding the right ears, nose, and tail. With these examples of a cat and pig, can you think of how to draw a sheep, lion, or dog?

12. Peas

Cute drawings to draw - peas

So round and all snug inside their pod. Peas are easy to draw, and you can give each one a different expression: happy, sad, asleep, angry. The same but different!

Thanks for reading this far!

I hope this collection of cute and kawaii ideas has inspired you to start drawing. Would you like me to add something else? Let me know in the comments!

Have a fantastic day and find some time to draw.


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