Dibujos aesthetic para dibujar

20 aesthetic drawing ideas that you can make in minutes

If you have a moment to take a break and want to draw but don’t know what, check out these simple aesthetic drawing ideas.

Take a few minutes to disconnect from your routine, grab your favorite pencil, and start drawing!

But what are aesthetic drawings?

“Aesthetic” means something that looks pleasing from a beauty perspective.

So, does it simply refer to drawings that are pretty or beautiful? Not quite. On the internet, the term “aesthetic drawings” has become popular to refer to a particular style.

Aesthetic drawings are works that are both expressive and contemplative, aiming to convey a specific feeling or visual experience that resonates with people. They often use a minimalist, simple style and are inspired by contemporary popular culture.

1. A Messy Head

Aesthetic drawings to draw - messy head

Don’t you sometimes feel like your outward appearance doesn’t reveal your mental state? Then draw it. There’s nothing more expressive and relaxing than making a big scribble.

2. Clothesline

Aesthetic drawings to draw - clothesline

On a clothesline, we find everyday items: shirts, socks, towels, underwear… But what if among all those familiar objects, we draw something that shouldn’t be there? Maybe you’ve hung your heart out to dry in the sun. What else can you think of to hang?

3. Bird

Aesthetic drawings to draw - bird

Just drawing a bird conveys a sense of freedom. It’s not as hard as it seems as long as you have a good reference photo. If you’re not confident in drawing yet, try just the silhouette—it doesn’t need much detail.

4. Switch

Aesthetic drawings - switch

If only we had a switch to change at will and turn off negative feelings. Draw your own and write the states you’d like to switch between with a single click.

5. Fruitful Reading

Aesthetic drawings to draw - book flowers

A good book can be the origin or seed of many things, and that’s what this simple drawing represents. What else do you think could grow from a book?

6. Night and Day

Aesthetic drawings to draw - night and day

The contrast of day and night, light and dark, always makes for interesting drawings. For this drawing, it’s helpful to have a white opaque ink marker that allows you to draw over black.

7. Infinite Flight

Aesthetic drawings to draw - infinite flight

We all know how to draw an infinity symbol. It’s very relaxing to make the pencil flow in this continuous line. You just need an eraser to make gaps in the line and add a bird flying through.

8. Umbrella

Aesthetic drawings to draw - umbrella

Turning a common object upside down (literally, in this case) is always a source of new ideas. How many things can emerge from an umbrella if it collects water instead of blocking it?

9. Night Potion

Aesthetic drawings to draw - night potion

Any glass bottle can be a magic potion if the content is original and surprising.

10. Paper Airplane

Aesthetic drawings to

 draw - paper airplane

A paper airplane is a very simple drawing and can seem a bit dull. But you can add a twist and a lot of meaning by drawing different shapes in its flight path.

11. Crystal Ball

Aesthetic drawings to draw - crystal ball

Not a crystal ball for seeing the future, but one you shake to see the snow fall. They usually have a snowman inside, but nothing stops you from drawing anything else to surprise the viewer.

12. Glass Jar

Aesthetic drawings to draw - glass jar

An everyday object like a glass jar can become magical and surprising depending on what you put inside it. For example, a storm.

13. Polaroid

Aesthetic drawings to draw - polaroid

Drawing a polaroid is easy, you just need a couple of rectangles. Make it a special drawing by making it a photo of something impossible.

14. The Piece That Doesn’t Fit

Aesthetic drawings to draw - puzzle

It’s easy to feel like the piece that doesn’t fit: in the family, at a party, in a meeting, in society… But the piece that doesn’t fit is also freer than the others.

15. Hourglass

Aesthetic drawings to draw - hourglass

A simple object depicted in a beautiful and poetic drawing. Hourglasses have always been full of meaning (the passage of time), but even more so if you change the sand for something more original.

16. Stamp

Aesthetic drawings to draw - stamp

The stamp works like a frame that transforms everyday things into a valuable object. You can fill a notebook page with a whole collection of stamps, and it will look spectacular.

17. Emotions

Aesthetic drawings - feelings

Those little posters that fill our lampposts with phone numbers can become fun and original ads when we draw them in our notebook. What will you put on yours?

18. Where Am I Going?

Aesthetic drawings - direction sign

Two opposite directions and you have to choose which path to take. The charm of this drawing will be in what you choose to put on each sign.

19. Keyboard

Aesthetic drawings - keyboard

If you know how to draw a computer key, why not draw all the ones you need to write a message? This is a mini-drawing you can do to personalize a greeting card, and it’s always a hit.

20. Band-Aid

Aesthetic drawings to draw - band-aid

A beautiful way to represent the need for care or the healing of a wound (physical or spiritual). Anyone can draw this, no matter how beginner they are.

Before You Go

Thanks for reading this far! I hope this collection of aesthetic ideas has inspired you to start drawing.

If you enjoyed these sketches and are looking for more inspiration, I’m sure you’ll find this collection interesting:

Would you like me to add something else? Let me know in the comments!


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