Dibujos fáciles para dibujar

16 easy drawing ideas to draw

Want to draw but don’t know what? Here’s a list of 16 simple and easy drawings to get you started.

Drawing is a great way to relax and have fun while improving your skills. These drawing ideas are suitable for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Sharpen your pencil or grab your favorite pen, open your notebook, and let’s get to draw!

1. Balloons

Drawings to draw - balloons

Balloons are very simple to draw. Just draw an oval or circle, a small triangle underneath, and a string hanging down. Add dots, stripes, stars, or hearts to make them more unique.

2. Flowers

Drawings to draw - flowers

To draw a flower, all you need are a couple of circles, a line for the stem, and one or two leaves. Draw them in different sizes and heights for a whole spring field.

Drawings to draw - more flowers

There are many more simple ways to draw flowers, like using circles or hearts as petals. Vary the shape and position of the leaves for more variety.

3. Bouquet

Drawings to draw - bouquet

If you know how to draw flowers (and you do, because you just need a couple of circles), you can make a whole bouquet. Draw a bunch of circles of different sizes and then add lines for the stems. Add some loose leaves for extra decoration, and you have a beautiful bouquet!

4. Animals

Drawings to draw - animals

From a circle, you can draw dozens of different animal faces. Just change the shape and size of the ears and snouts. Besides the animals shown here, can you think of how to draw a sheep or a mouse?

5. Cake

Drawings to draw - cake

You can personalize a birthday card with this simple drawing. There are hundreds of ways to decorate this cake: cherries, strawberries, chocolate filling, number candles… let your imagination run wild!

6. Coffee Cups

Drawings to draw - coffee cups

A simple and comforting drawing, you can almost smell the hot coffee from these cups. The cups can be different shapes and sizes, and you can create unique decorations for each one.

7. Stars

Drawings to draw - stars

There’s something special about stars, drawing them always makes me smile. The easiest ones to draw are five-pointed stars, but you can actually draw them in many other ways. What other ways can you think of?

8. Starry Night

Drawings to draw - starry night

Group a few stars of different shapes around a drawing of the moon, and you have a beautiful starry night.

9. Robots

Drawings to draw - robots

Big, small, modern, or vintage. Drawing robots is very simple because you don’t have to worry about realistic hands, feet, or bodies. A few quick rectangles and you have a new friend.

10. Food

Drawings to draw - food

With so many types of food, you’ll always have an idea for a drawing. Sweets, prepared dishes, fruits… don’t be surprised if you get hungry afterwards.

11. Ghosts

Drawings to draw - ghosts

To draw a classic ghost (the sheet kind), all you need is a rounded shape and a couple of dark eyes. They aren’t very scary, but they are adorable.

12. Mushrooms

Drawings to draw - mushrooms

Tall or chubby, edible or poisonous, mushrooms are an easy and attractive drawing. Dare to draw a gnome sitting on one?

13. Plants

Drawings to draw - plants

A pot, a few lines for the stems, and leaves of different sizes—that’s how easy it is to draw a plant! But if leaves aren’t your thing, you can always draw a cactus.

14. Planet

Drawings to draw - planets

More stars again, but instead of a moon, draw a couple of circles, and you have some planets orbiting in outer space. Have fun decorating them in different ways: dots, stripes, rings, craters, etc.

15. Forest

Drawings to draw - forest

Trees are even simpler than plants. A line for the trunk (a few more if you want branches) and a circle for the crown. If you group several trees with different shapes, you have a forest.

16. Babies

Drawings to draw - babies

They are adorable and can be drawn with just a few circles. Hair and pacifiers are optional. If it’s round and has eyes and a mouth, it’s a baby!

Before You Go

Thanks for reading this far! I hope this collection of easy ideas has inspired you to start drawing.

If you enjoyed these sketches and are looking for more inspiration, I’m sure you’ll find this collection interesting:

Would you like me to add something else? Let me know in the comments!


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