Dibujos bonitos para dibujar

Get inspired with these 16 cool drawings to draw

Do you feel like drawing something beautiful but you’re out of ideas? Don’t worry, here’s a list of 16 cool and simple drawings to inspire you.

Taking a moment to disconnect and draw something cute will help you reduce your stress. Whether you’re just starting out or have been drawing for years, try some of these drawings, and you’ll see that you’ll be smiling by the time you finish.

To start, all you need is paper and a pencil.

1. Polaroid

Cute drawings to draw - polaroid

Drawing a landscape might not seem very special, especially if it’s a simple one. However, frame it inside a polaroid, and it instantly looks different.

2. Open Door

Cute drawings to draw - door

An open door is an invitation to enter, but where to? Instead of drawing the door of a boring room, let your imagination run wild. Behind this door, you could find space, a beach, the future, or the bottom of the sea.

3. Bouquet

Cute drawings to draw - bouquet

If you know how to draw flowers (and you do, because all you need are a couple of circles), you can make a whole bouquet. Draw a bunch of circles of different sizes, some flowers with petals, and then add the lines for the stems. A few loose leaves as extra decoration, and you have a beautiful bouquet!

4. Day and Night

Cute drawings to draw - Yin and Yang of day and night

The contrast of day and night, light and dark, always makes for interesting drawings. For this drawing, it’s helpful to have a white opaque ink marker that allows you to draw over black.

5. Puzzle

Cute drawings to draw - puzzle

We feel a certain satisfaction when we see puzzle pieces fitting together, and they are very simple to draw. Additionally, each piece can feature a small drawing of things that “fit” for you.

6. Glass Jar

Cute drawings to draw - glass jar

Just like with the door, an everyday object like a glass jar can become magical and surprising depending on what you put inside it.

7. Potions

Cute drawings to draw - potions

Magic potions are like the glass jar but with more creative shapes. But with potions, it’s essential that the contents are original, surprising… and even fun.

8. Paper Airplane

Cute drawings to draw - paper airplane

A paper airplane is a very simple and somewhat mundane drawing. But you can add a twist and a lot of meaning by drawing different shapes in the flight path it has followed.

9. Cat in a Cup

Cute drawings to draw - cat in a cup

Cats are always cute. But if you put them inside a container where a cat shouldn’t fit, they become IRRESISTIBLY adorable.

10. Stamp

Cute drawings to draw - stamp

The stamp works like the polaroid, as a frame that transforms everyday things into a valuable object. You can fill a notebook page with an entire collection of stamps, and it will look spectacular.

11. Plants

Cute drawings to draw - plants

A single plant might not say much, but accompany it with a few more with different shapes, flowers, pots… and you’ll have a very cute drawing.

12. Mobile Message

Cute drawings to draw - mobile message

Drawing a mobile phone is as simple as making a couple of rectangles. How can we turn it into a cute drawing? By adding a message with emojis from someone who cares about us.

13. Susuwatari

Cute drawings to draw - susuwatari

Everyone who watched the movie Spirited Away fell in love with these little creatures. They are super easy to draw, and with their long arms and legs, they look very funny. They look best when they’re always together.

14. Walking House

Cute drawings to draw - walking house

We all know how to draw a house—we’ve done it a thousand times when we were kids! Now that you’re older, put a twist on the usual: draw some legs on it and take your house for a walk.

15. Swallow

Cute drawings to draw - swallow

This is a slightly more complicated drawing but beautiful and poetic. It’s not that hard to do if you pay close attention to the proportions, but you can also try other birds using reference photos: a sparrow, a dove, etc.

16. Rose

Cute drawings to draw - rose

The most drawn flower of all time (or is it the daisy?) and still has something special. It’s much easier to draw than it seems when you see a real one.

Before You Go

Thanks for reading this far! I hope this collection of cute ideas has inspired you to start drawing.

If you enjoyed these sketches and are looking for more inspiration, I’m sure you’ll find this collection interesting:

Would you like me to add something else? Let me know in the comments!


6 responses to “Get inspired with these 16 cool drawings to draw”

  1. Diana Avatar

    Possum please.

    1. La garabatos Avatar
      La garabatos

      Thanks Diana, I am preparing a collection of animal drawings and will add the opossum to the list.

  2. Jisuki Avatar

    These are so refreshing and clever! L❤️VE the simplicity! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙏🥰🤗

  3. Joseph A Kelly Avatar
    Joseph A Kelly

    I think the images above are very creative and give great happiness 😊 . I’d like to share some of my art drawings as well if it’s ok.

    1. La garabatos Avatar
      La garabatos

      Thank you Joseph for your kind words and for your offer, the truth is that at the moment this is a personal website and I’d like to publish only my own drawings.
      I can recommend some Reddit communities dedicated to drawing where you can share your art, such as reddit.com/r/drawing

  4. SC SYLVESTER Avatar

    Suggestions are great. I appreciate them.

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