17 ideas de dibujos de flores

17 flower drawing ideas

Sunflowers, roses, daffodils, poppies… We all learn to draw flowers as children, and I assure you, it’s a skill you never forget.

If you feel like drawing in “spring mode” but are tired of the eternal daisy, here’s a collection of ideas for drawing flowers.

Grab a piece of paper and start drawing!

1. The Easiest Flower

Flower Drawings - Simple Flower

To draw a flower, all you need are a couple of circles, a line for the stem, and one or two leaves. Draw them in different sizes and heights to create a whole spring field.

2. Types of Flowers

Flower Drawings - Easy Flowers

There are many simple ways to draw flowers, such as using circles or hearts as petals. Combine basic petal shapes to create more complex flowers.

Flower Drawings - Types of Flowers

You can achieve even more variety by drawing the stems in different shapes and positioning the leaves differently.

3. Bouquet

Flower Drawings - Bouquet

Once you know how to draw different types of flowers, you can create a whole bouquet. Draw a cluster of circles in various sizes, some flowers with petals, and then add the stem lines. A few loose leaves for extra decoration, and you have a beautiful bouquet!

4. Pots

Flower Drawings - Pots with Flowers

A single flowering plant doesn’t say much, but accompany it with a few more of different heights, shapes, and pots… and you’ll have a very beautiful drawing.

5. Blooming at My Own Pace

Flower drawings - bloom at my own pace

A super simple flower drawing to which you can add extra meaning by including a phrase.

6. Like a Bee to a Flower

Flower Drawings - Bee

Flowers attract all kinds of animals. Bees are the easiest to draw, but you can also draw butterflies, other insects, or even hummingbirds!

7. Bandage

Flower Drawings - Bandage and Flowers

A lovely way to represent the need for care or the healing of a wound (physical or spiritual). This drawing can be done by anyone, no matter how beginner they are.

8. With One Line

Flower Drawings - One Line Flower

Drawings made without lifting the pencil from the paper, with a single line, require quite a bit of practice. But it’s worth it because they’re done in seconds, and the result is very special.

9. Floral Arabesque

Flower Drawings - Arabesque Flower

If we use the stylized curves of arabesques to draw a flower, the result is a very elegant drawing.

10. Daffodil

Flower Drawings - Daffodil

Almost everyone knows the legend and meaning of the daffodil. It’s a very beautiful flower found in both gardens and wild meadows. Its unique shape is easy to draw and very recognizable.

11. Rose

Flower Drawings - Rose

The most drawn flower of all time (or is it the daisy?) still has something special. It’s much easier to draw than it seems when you see a real one.

12. Fruitful Reading

Flower Drawings - Flower Growing from Book

A good book can be the origin or seed of many things, and that’s what this simple drawing represents.

13. Stamp

Flower Drawings - Stamp

The stamp serves as a frame that transforms everyday things into valuable objects. You can fill a notebook page with a whole collection of stamps featuring different flowers, and it will look spectacular.

14. Jar with Wildflowers

Flower drawings - jar with flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts, and everyone loves them. Why not treat ourselves to a little bouquet of wildflowers? We deserve it 😉

15. A Flower for You

Flower Drawings - A Flower for You

This is a very simple drawing that looks great as a gift. If you haven’t had time to buy a flower, you can always draw one.

16. Field of Poppies

Flower Drawings - Field of Poppies

This drawing is inspired by Monet’s famous painting. It’s much simpler than you think to look at your favorite landscape painting and try to simplify it in a drawing (for example, I removed the people Monet included in the painting).

17. Woman with Flowers

Flower Drawings - Woman with Flowers

Draw a special character by covering their face and hair with flowers. The result is spectacular.

Before You Go

Thanks for reading this far! I hope these flower drawing ideas have inspired you to start drawing.

If you liked these sketches and are looking for more inspiration, I’m sure you’ll be interested in this collection:

Would you like me to add a specific flower drawing? Let me know in the comments!


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