30 ideas de animales para dibujar

30 ideas of animals to draw

Drawing animals is so much fun! They are favorites of both children and adults. If you feel like drawing but aren’t sure which animals to draw, take a look at these ideas for easy animal drawings.

Take a few minutes to disconnect from your routine, grab your favorite pencil, and start drawing!

1. Easy Animal Faces

Animal Drawings - Easy Animal Faces

Starting with a circle, you can draw dozens of different animal faces. You just need to change the shape and size of the ears and snouts. Besides the animals shown here, can you think of how to draw a sheep or a mouse?

2. Round Animals

Animal Drawings - Round Animals

Drawing animals can be as easy as making circles and then adding the appropriate ears, nose, and tail. They are also very quick to draw, which is perfect when my kids ask me to draw an animal (they don’t have the patience for a more elaborate sketch).

3. Dog

Animal Drawings - Dog

“Sit! Good boy…” Dogs are one of the first animals we start drawing as children, and the fascination for drawing them continues as we grow up.

If you love dogs, don’t miss these 12 easy dog drawings.

4. Dog Breeds

Animal Drawings - Dog Breeds

Drawing dog breeds is easier than it seems. If you already know how to draw a dog’s face, just pay close attention to a photo of the breed you want to draw and try to vary these elements: 1. shape of the face, 2. type of ears, 3. shape of the snout, and 4. color patterns of the coat.

5. Wolf

Animal Drawings - Wolf

If you can draw a dog, it’s not that difficult to draw a wolf; just make it a bit furrier and add some sharp fangs. To make it clear, you can always draw it howling at the moon.

6. Bee

Animal Drawings - Bee

Drawing a bee is as simple as making an oval and filling it with black stripes. You can complete the drawing with more bees and a meadow full of flowers.

7. Whale

Animal Drawings - Whale

The good thing about drawing animals is that you can make them super simple, like icons (perfectly recognizable), and as you gain experience, you can make them a bit more complex. For example, you can see these two styles of drawing a whale.

8. Horse

Animal Drawings - Horse

Drawing a completely realistic horse is one of the most difficult things. Seriously, I can’t do it! But don’t let that stop you from drawing them. You can make a much simpler drawing, and it’s still recognizable.

If you add stripes, it becomes a zebra, and with a horn, it’s a unicorn.

9. Deer

Animal Drawings - Deer

Another animal that is instantly recognizable as soon as you draw the antlers, no matter how well or poorly you draw the body. If it has antlers, then it’s a deer.

10. Rabbit

Animal Drawings - Rabbit

Another great favorite of children. Since you only need to draw a pair of long ears and a fluffy tail, it’s a great animal to find your own drawing style.

11. Elephant

Animal Drawings - Elephant

Childlike or realistic style? Choose the way of drawing an elephant that best suits your drawing abilities—or the one you enjoy most!

12. Hen and Chicks

Animal Drawings - Hen and Chicks

To draw a hen with chicks, you just need to know how to draw ovals. It’s a quick drawing, and kids love coloring it. And so do I, to be honest.

13. Cat

Animal Drawings - Cat

Cats are adorable and elegant; you won’t stop smiling while drawing them. They are perfect for practicing and mastering curved lines. You can draw them in a thousand different poses, but sitting is one of the easiest.

14. Swallow

Animal Drawings - Swallow

This is a slightly more complicated but beautiful and poetic drawing. It’s not that hard to do if you pay close attention to the proportions, but you can also try other birds using reference photos: a sparrow, a pigeon, etc.

15. Giraffe

Animal Drawings - Giraffe

Its long neck and spots are so characteristic that it doesn’t really matter how you draw the body and head—everyone will know it’s a giraffe!

16. Koala

Animal Drawings - Koala

Fuzzy, soft, and adorable. Drawing a koala always lifts your spirits.

17. Lion or Tiger?

Animal Drawings - Lion or Tiger

All big cats have a similar structure. Once you master the silhouette, you can easily draw a lion or a tiger by switching between mane and stripes. Also a puma, jaguar, leopard, lynx…

18. Dragonfly

Animal Drawings - Dragonfly

The dragonfly’s silhouette is one of the most elegant, which is why it often appears in tattoos. If you feel like it, you can draw it with lots of details or keep it much simpler, as in the example above.

19. Butterfly

Animal Drawings - Butterfly

The butterfly is the insect we most often practice drawing from childhood. They are very easy to draw, and you can fill their wings with a thousand different patterns and colors.

20. Ladybug

Animal Drawings - Ladybug

The ladybug is so easy to draw that everyone dares to draw it. To make a less simple drawing, you can group several and show them following a path.

21. Jellyfish

Animal Drawings - Jellyfish

Just knowing how to draw a semicircle and a few curved lines is enough to draw a jellyfish. They look a bit plain, but they improve a lot if you color them in.

22. Bear

Animal Drawings - Bear

Drawing a bear’s face is quite easy, and most of us know how to do it. Drawing the body isn’t complicated either, much easier than you think. Give it a try!

23. Bird

Animal Drawings - Bird

A symbol of freedom. You can draw birds perched, flying, in the nest… There are also thousands of different species. I encourage you to draw them using reference photos; it’s a fantastic exercise to improve your drawing skills.

24. Duck

Animal Drawings - Duck

Is drawing a bird too complicated for you? Then a swimming duck is your best option—you don’t have to draw the legs or wings.

25. Fish

Animal Drawings - Fish

They can have practically any shape, pattern, and color. Just add fins, and it’s already a fish. One of my favorite drawing activities is to fill an entire notebook page with different fish.

26. Frog

Animal Drawings - Frog

I grew up with Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street. Maybe that’s why I like drawing them so much. Once you draw bulging eyes and a wide mouth, they are unmistakable.

27. Mouse

Animal Drawings - Mice

We all drew a mouse as kids with a semicircle for the body, a circle for the ears, and a line for the tail. With just a few more strokes, you can bring that basic mouse to life—give it a try!

28. Shark

Animal Drawings - Shark

You can find a thousand examples online of how to draw a classic side-view shark. That’s why I chose this other view of this beautiful animal, from above, much more elegant and less terrifying.

29. Turtle

Animal Drawings - Turtle

The turtle is one of the easiest animals to draw because the shell and legs are easy to make.

30. Opossum

Animal Drawings - Opossum

It’s not a very common drawing; an opossum is not a very common animal. But I love drawing them with all their babies on their backs—it looks so cute!

Before You Go

Thanks for reading this far! I hope this collection of easy animal drawings has inspired you.

If you liked these sketches and are looking for more inspiration, I’m sure you’ll be interested in this collection:

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