Dibujos pequeños

34 small drawings to make in any time and place

How I love mini drawings! They can be done in an instant, whether you’re in a meeting, in class, or having a drink on a terrace. And you don’t need much space either; a spot on a greeting card, a day in a calendar, or the margin of a book will do perfectly.

They can also be colored very quickly. That’s why for each small drawing on the list, I added a colored example. Try yourself with pencils, markers, or even crayons.

With these small drawing ideas, there’s no excuse not to start drawing.

1. Sailboat

Small drawings - sailboat

How many boats could you have drawn in school? Hundreds? Thousands? Well, I’m sure you still can.

2. Planet

Small drawings - planet

To dream of distant worlds and the next frontier.

3. Cup

Small drawings - cup

Any object becomes adorable when we draw a face on it. A cup is very simple, but it works with anything, even a roll of toilet paper!

4. Octopus

Small drawings - octopus

You don’t even have to draw all eight tentacles.

5. Mobile

Small drawings - mobile

Nowadays, our mobiles are our window to the world. On its screen, we can draw dozens of different messages: love? a like? new email? a call?

6. UFO

Small drawings - UFO

A very fun drawing, try giving it to a friend who is a fan of science fiction.

7. Ice Creams

Small drawings - ice creams

With one or more scoops and popsicles of all shapes and flavors. An easy and fun drawing for when the heat is on.

8. Fire

Small drawings - fire

Simply draw the flames or add the object that’s burning.

9. Emoji

Small drawings - emoji

A simple drawing full of emotion. Try the different emojis depending on the message you want to convey.

10. Little Houses

Small drawings - little houses

We all know how to draw little houses. The trick to making them look nice is to make them in different proportions, sizes, and vary the windows and doors.

11. Bee

Small drawings - bee

Drawing just one flower is so classic that it looks bland, but if we add a little bee, we already have a more interesting drawing.

12. Sunset

Small drawings - sunset

It can be a sunset or a sunrise. The same drawing with two different meanings.

13. Deck of Cards

Small drawings - deck of cards

If you need an ace up your sleeve, draw your own deck.

14. Lightbulb

Small drawings - lightbulb

You can add a meaningful shape to the filament of the typical lightbulb to give it a special touch.

15. Cactus

Small drawings - cactus

Cacti are the easiest plants to care for… and also to draw.

16. Love Letter

Small drawings - love letter

The classic envelope takes on a new meaning if we seal it with a heart.

17. Crocodile

Small drawings - crocodile

A drawing of an egg is more original if what emerges from inside is not a chick: snakes, crocodiles, dragons… Whatever you can think of!

18. Kite

Small drawings - kite

A drawing to let your imagination fly. Add some clouds so it flies high in the sky.

19. Notebook

Small drawings - notebook

Draw your own notebook and drawing pencil. The meta drawing?

20. Dinosaur

Small drawings - dinosaur

It’s fun to draw such a HUGE animal in such a tiny drawing. Try drawing your favorite dinosaur.

21. Stars

Small drawings - stars

The star is a typical drawing, but when we group a few together, we always get a special result.

22. Ghost

Small drawings - ghost

A special mini drawing for Halloween.

23. Cat

Small drawings - cat

Animal faces are easy to draw and are done quickly. This mini drawing is of a cat, but you can also try with a dog, a sheep, a raccoon, a fox, etc.

24. Hot Air Balloon

Small drawings - hot air balloon

A hot air balloon looks good, but it looks much better if you draw several balloons, each with a different decorative pattern.

25. Gemstone

Small drawings - gemstone

To draw a gem, you just need to know how to draw triangles.

26. Apple

Small drawings - apple

Another childhood classic. It’s essential to add the typical little worm.

27. Butterfly

Small drawings - butterfly

What gives this drawing its touch is the flight path. Try different shapes for the path the butterfly has taken.

28. Bird

Small drawings - bird

The flight of a bird (or a plane) can trace different shapes that add meaning.

29. Plants

Small drawings - plants

Like with little houses, if you want this drawing not to look bland, you should make different shapes for the pots and the plants themselves.

30. Door

Small drawings - door

A slightly open door is always an invitation to imagine what’s on the other side.

31. Mouse

Small drawings - mouse

Hickory dickory dock.The mouse ran up the clock.The clock struck one, the mouse ran down… Hickory dickory dock.

32. Cake

Small drawings - cake

The cakes and pastries you draw will always be of your favorite flavors.

33. Watermelon

Small drawings - watermelon

Draw a semicircle, put seeds inside, and you’ll have a watermelon. A drawing that always turns out well no matter how much of a beginner you are.

34. Four-Leaf Clover

Small drawings - four-leaf clover

When you need a little luck, draw your own four-leaf clover. It’s very easy. Have you noticed that each leaf is shaped like a heart?

Before You Go

Thanks for reading this far! I hope this collection of mini drawings has given you ideas for making your own.

If you liked these sketches and are looking for more inspiration, I’m sure you’ll be interested in this collection:

Would you like me to add something else? Tell me in the comments!


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