15 ideas de paisajes para dibujar fáciles

15 ideas of simple landscapes to draw

There’s something especially relaxing about drawing a landscape, perhaps because it reminds us of the calming effect nature has on us. If you like drawing landscapes but always stick to the same ideas, here’s a list to inspire you.

All of these scenes can be easily drawn with just a pen, marker, or pencil. But if you also feel like coloring them, go ahead! They’ll look fantastic.

1. Fields

Easy landscapes to draw - Fields

At first glance, it might seem like a bland drawing. After all, it’s some hills, three or four trees, and the classic little house. But the charm lies in the lines of the fields going in different directions.

If you’re a beginner, it’s a great exercise to practice “parallel” lines.

2. Desert Sunset

Easy landscapes to draw - Desert Sunset

A desert isn’t particularly inspiring, but it improves a lot when you add a sunset and start to see the starry sky.

3. Village

Easy landscapes to draw - Village

You don’t need to master perspective to draw a landscape. You can arrange the elements with a flat perspective and achieve a naïve look. This idea is great for filling an entire page.

4. Beach Sunset

Easy landscapes to draw - Beach Sunset

A drawing we’ve done a thousand times during our childhood, but it takes on new meaning when you add a person on the beach watching the sunset.

5. Sailing Boat

Easy landscapes to draw - Sailing Boat

While drawing it, try to imagine the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the calls of the seagulls, and the breeze on your face.

6. Hills

Easy landscapes to draw - Hills

Drawing hills is very simple. To make this drawing special, the trick is to use different textures (crops, grass, flowers) on each one.

7. Night in the City

Easy landscapes to draw - Night in the City

As easy as sketching the outline of a city and filling the sky with stars. Instead of a big city, you can also try drawing the outline of a small town.

8. Poppy Field

Easy landscapes to draw - Poppy Field

This drawing is inspired by Monet’s famous painting. It’s much easier than you think to look at your favorite landscape painting and try to simplify it into a drawing (for example, I removed the people that Monet included in the painting).

9. Desert

Easy landscapes to draw - Desert

An ideal scene to practice making dots to represent the sand. The cloud represents the loneliness and heat of the desert… and to add something to the sky so it’s not completely empty 😛

10. Mountains

Easy landscapes to draw - Mountains

They can be drawn with triangles like we did as children, but breaking the outline so it’s not perfect and adding a couple of extra details will make them much more interesting.

11. Lighthouse

Easy landscapes to draw - Beach and Lighthouse

When you have a large piece of paper but feel like making a small drawing, a good trick is to frame the landscape in a geometric shape (circle, rectangle, etc.).

12. Alpine Village

Easy landscapes to draw - Alpine Village

Combining different planes makes the drawing more interesting: plants in the foreground, hills, trees, and a village in the middle distance, with mountains in the background.

13. Framed Landscape

Easy landscapes to draw - Framed

Again, the trick of framing the landscape in a geometric shape so you don’t have to fill the entire paper. You can also turn it into a painting or a photo.

14. Winter Landscape

Easy landscapes to draw - Winter Landscape

This drawing combines very simple shapes: triangles and curves, with the more complex silhouette of the deer. The overall effect is fantastic and very easy to draw.

15. Night Sea

Easy landscapes to draw - Night Sea

A scene without much complication but with a particularly magical look. The spirals of the waves make it less dull than if we simply used curved lines.

Thanks for reading this far!

I hope this collection of easy landscapes to draw has inspired you. Would you like me to add another drawing? Let me know in the comments!

Have a fantastic day and find some time to draw.


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