Perros fáciles de dibujar

12 easy to make dog drawings

Dogs are one of the first animals we start drawing as children, and the fascination with drawing them continues as we grow up.

If you’ve picked up a pencil and paper because you feel like drawing a dog, but aren’t sure exactly how to do it, don’t worry. Here are some ideas for very easy dog drawings.

1. A Dog’s Face

Easy dogs to draw - Dog face

There’s no simpler drawing to make, and surely you’ve made hundreds like this during your childhood. You only need an oval for the face, draw the eyes and the nose. The variety is in the ears (droopy, pointed, fluffy…), give your dog the ones you like best.

2. Super Easy Dog

Easy dogs to draw - super easy dog

If you know how to draw a dog’s face you only need 6 more strokes to draw its whole body. Is it realistic? No, but it’s cute anyway and clearly a dog. Draw different types of ears, tails, and body shapes to represent your favorite dog breed.

3. Dog Breeds

Easy dogs to draw - dog breeds

Drawing dog breeds is easier than it seems. If you already know how to draw a dog’s face, you just need to carefully look at a photo of the breed you want to draw and try to vary these elements: 1. face shape, 2. type of ears, 3. muzzle shape, and 4. coat color patterns.

4. Sitting Dog

Easy dogs to draw - sitting dog

“Sit!” Good boy… Another way to draw a full-body dog that’s easier than you think.

5. Sausage Dog

Easy dogs to draw - sausage dog

Sausage dogs or dachshunds have a comical aspect that makes them very fun to draw. And anyone who sees your drawing will recognize it immediately.

6. Dreaming of Bones

Easy dogs to draw - dreaming dog

What do dogs dream about? This is a drawing that allows for many options because you just have to change the content of its dream: bones? Another dog? A squirrel?

7. Pet Me

Easy dogs to draw - pet me dog

You won’t be able to avoid smiling while drawing this dog on its back asking for belly rubs.

8. Waiting at the Window

Easy dogs to draw - waiting at the window

A VERY simple drawing that even the most beginner can do, and it’s full of meaning.

9. Kawaii Dog

Easy dogs to draw - kawaii dog

You can draw a dog in kawaii style by making the shapes more rounded, the head very big, and the legs short.

10. Happy Birthday

Easy dogs to draw - happy birthday

Putting hats on dogs is one of the most fun things you can draw (actually, putting people things on any animal). As you can see, this puppy drawing doesn’t need to be realistic to be cute.

11. Laika

Easy dogs to draw - Astronaut dog

Add some stars and a glass helmet to any dog and you have an astronaut. A drawing that looks very nice and has great meaning.

12. Hello!

Easy dogs to draw - hello

A dog peeking over the edge and greeting you with its paw. Super easy to draw and adapt to any breed you want. For an extra touch, add a comic bubble with a “WOOF!” or any other word.

Thanks for reading this far!

I hope this collection of easy dogs to draw has inspired you. Would you like me to add another drawing? Let me know in the comments!

Have a fantastic day and find some time to draw.


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